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Blood! Blood!
Nuttin I like better Than other peoples blood on me hands...

King Dunthin Grandhorn II,

Our conversation with the city gaurdsman, Rorthane i think his name was... well it was an interesting one to say the least. Instead of asking stupid questions eee jus wanted us to help em. Funny how things work out itnit. Said eee couldnt waste any time or effort to pursue what ate the big bites from the miner constructs. Wants us to go to the mining company in the dwarven quarter eee does. Find where the constructs came from and "ask some questions". So we went, Protoss the adamantine armoured knight, Cidra the whelp, Garette the smart one, Obtenebris the foul shaddow elf, and me into the belly of the mining company. As there was no answere at the door we let our selves in, naturaly. Garette is pretty handy fer gittin into places one shouldn't be.

Inside the wharhouse was a maze of crgo crates from floor to ceiling so we split up to cover ground. Protoss, Cidra and Garette went off strolling through the boxes by the light of a sun rod, and Obtenibris and myself went storming off into the dark. After a short while we met back up with some dire rats for company. One of them could breath fire. Even tried to get my beard eee did. I took care of them though fell them two at a time I did. I think i know why Protoss wears all that armor, the beating he took from the rats was devistating, but he mannaged to make a few pay for the pain. The next couple of fights were pretty much the same as the first with more fire breathing rats then the first. Got my beard real good they did but I just kept choppin away. Cidra was as she has previously proved herself, useless! Unless you want someone to throw fire at fire breathing rats and heal them, good thing she couldnt hit the broad side of a storm giant! Protoss lost control of his body a bit but Cidra did somthin to heal em a bit. They beat me up pretty good but I took at least forteen of the eighteen my self. Did you proud I hope sir.

We did find several dead Dwarves and a couple of notes one talking about Murdock and the other one a randsome note for the lives of several miners being held captive somewhere in the mine. The meeting is in two days. I'm sorry sir but I shall be delayed further until our brothers are freed. Pardon my saying so sir but it might be a good Idea to offer "Millitary Asistance" to Atma for policing our peoples safety in the Dwarven Quarter and run out the criminals who opperate here. Possibly even a trade portal from Citadel to here, could be most lucritive.

Your Faithful Servant,

Sargent Grimgore Axehand

Associated Regions: Citidel, Atma
From the journal of Grimgore Axehand

Contributor: Evan Menz