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Trickster Deity imported from strange lands
Though an Alahdian deity (see Enmiutet), after the failed invasion of El-Alahd, some of the demoralized returning soldiers brought back tales of the foreign gods worshipped in those strange, desert lands. While these stories were wondered at and retold with the abandon only gossip can supply, only the goddess Enmiutet found a place of honor in Atma. The less reputable, living in the slums, picked up tales of her insolence and casual disregard for the authority of other gods, her pranks, and her true heart. Having no other good deity to claim as their "own", the underbelly of Atman society claimed her as theirs. Though the Alahdian people are her first charges, she watches over her believers in Atma with a mixture of pride and amusement. Through the telling and retelling of these tales, her name in Atma became Enmis.

Enmis's favored weapon is the short sword.

Alignment: CG
Races who worship Enmis are Human
Enmis is worshipped in Atma
Enmis is the god of Playful Mischief, Loyalty, And Freedom
Clerical Domains: Thieves, Mischief, Stealth
Enmis is a member of the Atman Pantheon

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Contributor: Chris Schuettpelz