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Home-Grown Atman God of the Sea and Treachery
Lerl is the god of treachery, and the oceans. Long ago, when Atma was a mere fishing village, fashioned of rude huts and ruder people, Lerl held sway over the Atmans. Lerl was the embodiment of the fickle and treacherous nature of the sea, with which the ancient Atmans had to contend on a daily basis. They worshipped Lerl more out of fear, than out o fany real desire to do him homage. Once Atma began to leave behind its fishing roots, Lerl stayed on, as a deity revered by those who prefer to use betrayal to get what they desire. Temples to Lerl are officially prohibited, but are allowed to operate through governmental corruption in the form of secret adherents and greedy neutral parties, who have no compunction about looking the other way in exchange for a bit of supplemental income. Lerl has also entered popular Atman parlance: in reference to someone who is flighty and impulsive, it is said that he is, "as fickle as Lerl himself."

In the years after the fall of the Atman Empire something happened to change Lerl. A new face of the deity emerged, though as to if this is the same deity or a different deity assuming the role of Lerl has yet to be discerned; in the modern age Lerl is seen as a feminine deity, a chaotic woman of the sea. She has centers of worship amongst any race with an interest in the sea, though many of these are hidden away from the open. Her worship is focused along the shores of the Inner Sea where many small shrines hide in isolated sea coves, places sailors and others who ply the ocean can come to pray and leave an offering... if not out of respect, then out of fear.

Lerl's favored weapon is the scimitar.

Alignment: CE
Races who worship Lerl are Human
Lerl is worshipped in Atma
Lerl is the god of The Seas And Treachery
Clerical Domains: Ocean, Trickery, Evil, Storm
Lerl is a member of the Atman Pantheon, Gnomish Pantheon

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Contributor: Chris Schuettpelz