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Evil Dwarven Deity of Glory, Slaughter, and Battle
Thurn is one of a pair of dwarven deities surrounding battle and glory. Thurn and his younger brother, Throrn, both embrace war as their bailiwick, but both view it in different ways. To worship Thurn is to delight in the slaughter and blood of battle, the screams of your foes as you tread upon their broken and bleeding bodies, and then strip their corpses of all their spoils. Thurn cares nothing for the causes of war, only its action and its immediate consequences: death to enemies, blood-soaked glory, and unmitigated triumph.

Thurn's favored weapon is the dwarven war axe.

Alignment: NE
Races who worship Thurn are Dwarf
Thurn is worshipped in Citadel, Atma
Thurn is the god of Slaughter And Battle
Clerical Domains: War, Strength, Destruction, Evil
Thurn is a member of the Dwarven Pantheon

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Contributor: Chris Schuettpelz