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Atman Goddess of Trade and Treaty
Faran is a newer, younger deity in the Atman Pantheon. If there is a tense negotiation for new trade routes, or if there are talks regarding the price of imported gold, you will find her. If there is a treaty being proposed, or a large sale about to occur, Faran will be watching. None know of Faran's origins, they merely know that she has made her home in the largest, most powerful, and richest--in both trade and treaty--empire on Geas.

She is often considered a god exclusively for the rich and powerful, for she does not concern herself with mere street transactions. No, Faran's demesnes is the large trade deal, the new alliance, the accord on pricing. Hers is the world of the wealthy and powerful.

Faran's favored weapon is the spiked chain.

Races who worship Faran are Human
Faran is worshipped in Atma
Faran is the god of Trade, Treaties, And Negotiations
Clerical Domains: Charm, Pact, Treaty
Faran is a member of the Atman Pantheon

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Contributor: Chris Schuettpelz