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Laughing God of Fellowship
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Community is the watchword for the god Mitre. With his potbelly, and his jolly laugh, he presides over the community, friendship, and over the harvest and generosity. His joy is to see a family gathered happily around a roaring fireplace, friendly neighbors chatting over the wall as they hang laundry, or the wealthy man putting a bag of gold coins into an alms plate. He is a popular deity among the middle class in Atma, favored well by both the slightly well-off and the slightly poor alike. He is often known as the God of Simple Pleasures.

His favored weapon is the scythe.

Alignment: NG
Races who worship Mitre are Human
Mitre is worshipped in Atma, Atman Pantheon
Mitre is the god of The Harvest, Community, And Friendship
Clerical Domains: Good, Community, Creation
Mitre is a member of the Atman Pantheon

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Contributor: Chris Schuettpelz