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Atman deity of Manipulation and Power
If you worship Wexis, you worship power. Wexis is known as the Manipulator, for where she goes are certain to be subtle machinations, schemes within schemes, and at the end of the mazes she creates--dominion over others. An overworked law clerk might accuse his taskmaster of an employer of serving Wexis, with the ill-treatment of staff. A city official looking to expand his sphere of influence might worship Wexis. Even some more roguish characters worship her, hoping that through her teachings, they might acquire through a silver tongue what they might otherwise need to resort to deft fingers or a stout cudgel to acquire. The origins of Wexis are currently unknown; her past is as shrouded in mystery as are her current designs.

Wexis's favored weapon is the dagger

Alignment: LE
Races who worship Wexis are Human
Wexis is worshipped in Atma
Wexis is the god of Power, Domination, And Manipulation
Clerical Domains: Evil, Strength, Domination
Wexis is a member of the Atman Pantheon

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Contributor: Chris Schuettpelz