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Prisoners Of Thule
The eldritch nightmares of ancient gods from the begining of time
In the timeless age before the sundering when the world of dreams was one with the material plane the universe often dreamt of new vistas of sensation, new forms of energy, and nightmares unrivaled. These nightmares rose to become their own beings, terrible creatures of the young Ourgós' creation, immortal and horrible.

These beings were like the gods in the begining, vieing for power. Some succeeded and became gods. Others failed and continued, hateful, alien, and full of rage.

When the sundering came the world was split in two. The world of dreams and the material plane became seperate.

These nightmare horrors stalked the lands, some now trapped in dream and others now trapped in flesh. The gods found that they could not destroy these creatures, for they were of the Ourgós and too powerful. But they, however, knew that mortals could win where the gods were limited by their own definition and pact not to interfere.

At last, a group of mortals united against them. Led by Illiendhianna, a wild warrior-woman of the elven peoples, they sealed the evils away into a place between dreams and reality, trapping these elder evils in a prison of their own dreaming, all held in place by a keystone, an artifact of virtue that no evil could touch.

The survivors placed this artifact in the northernmost reach of the world, an unbidding place of cold and darkness. Here, in the bowels of the greatest mountain, their treasure was his hid away that no being would accidentally free the horrors trapped within.

This mountain would come to be called Ultima Thule, the great north. These beings would be whispered of in hushed legend amongst only the most learned. They came to be called the Prisoners of Thule, creatures of such horror that even the secret of their very existence is guarded with an obsessiveness born of fear.

Members of the Prisoners Of Thule have included Zalgo

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen