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Not My First Choice
It certainly was not my first choice to delve into the Dwarven mines. It was only the lure of learning information about Grandfather that I decided to continue on this foolhardy mission, and even that thought is becoming less of an inducement. I believe Protoss would have gone with the others no matter what I said. But again, the idea of losing Protoss is an even lesser consequence to me. Though I do find myself growing somewhat fond of the thing. Not to mention, I possess the only really effectual magic to repair it. On the other hand, I would be free to pursue more interesting and satisfying magics.

But enough of that. After we made it out of the warehouse, we attempted to track down City Guardsman Rorthane and use a teleport pad to return closer to the Dragons Head. Imagine our surprise when we learned the man had been removed from his post. Apparently, he had been taken up on charges of some sort of dastardly deeds. Even worse, his word was no longer good. Ergo, we would not see the other half of our hard earned purse or be able to use the teleport for free. Passage for that service is not cheap; that is advanced magic! Not to mention that he had taken our names, so who knows how many people know who we are. So, we went to visit a temple to see about some healing.

While in the temple, Protoss displayed some, disconcerting behavior. It spent a fair few minutes gazing at the religious imagery. Then it went down on bended knee before the holy man, and poeticized some rubbish about how we would not let the dwarves’ deaths go unpunished and other such trifles. Where it learned such language I have no idea. I have never seen it pick up a book. Indeed, I have no idea if it can even read. My home burned before I really had the chance to make many observations of Protoss. Now thinking about it, Protoss did that thing with its hands again. But that was later on. I believe those are skills a paladin possesses. But this makes no sense. Protoss? A paladin? Laughable at best. Protoss is a c-o-n-s-t-r-u-c-t. A “man” made of metal. For it to have a holy warrior’s abilities, it requires obeisance to a deity. And that is impossible. Though, to do that healing, a paladin or a cleric is really the only ones to have those powers. And both are spell-beggars. Perhaps Grandfather stored spells in it. Much like an Atman Golem has a cavity to hold a magically imbued item. I shall have to ask Protoss of this.

Upon receiving Artificer’s blessings, we found some lodgings for the night. The next morning, we rose early, as we knew we would be traveling most of the day. I would have much preferred an extra day of rest so I could heal Protoss of damage myself. The cleric was already somewhat suspicious when his first healing spell didn’t work properly. But as Garrett very rudely explained, it would take a good day’s walk to reach the mines. Why we wanted to enter the mines an entire day before Murdock was there, I have no idea. And I was furious with his high-handed manner. Therefore, I drew myself up to my full and daunting 5’2 and snapped back. Doesn’t he realize that it is a risk to my secrets? At least he seems to like Protoss. Doesn’t he realize it is a risk to us both? The fact that he, as well as the dwarf and elf know makes our situation all the more tenuous. One loud-mouthed dwarf is enough, let alone an idealistic shadow elf.

I at least managed to convey my pique at first opportunity. There were two guards outside the mine entrance. I just made sure I was protected and then refused to lift one dainty, ink-stained finger to assist. Hmph. Besides, there were only two guards. To have used my magics at that point, well, it would have been as intelligent as not bothering to memorize any magic that morning at all, as the odds were already well in our favour.

I didn’t bother with the next rogue either. I was too far in the back and up a staircase when he struck. Grimgore had smashed into him and shoved him down the stairs by the time I had made it down to the floor. He had already taken at least one arrow by then. Amazing really, how much endurance he has. Just snapped the arrows off and kept moving. I stayed with Garrett and Protoss looking in the doors of the hallway. Garrett looked in the first and he came out looking positively green. Then when I went to look in the door across from the first, he made to stop me. There was nothing inside, though I had a fair idea, which he confirmed, that he feared there would be bodies behind the portal. We didn’t really find anything of importance and soon continued deeper into the cavern.

We eventually came into a large chamber. There were lots of nooks and crannies, places to hide. It was obvious that this was one of the places the dwarves had been searching in for the various metals that are the backbone of their economy. Suddenly, Grimgore receives another two arrows to the chest and goes charging off. I attempted to help him, but I am afraid I just distracted him when my ray of frost blasted the stalactite behind him. Then I heard a shout of pain. Turning, I spotted Garrett across the way entangled with another of the rogues. There was a lot of blood; Garrett was not fairing well. I was too far to run to him in time, so I gave the scoundrel a big taste of fear. I shoved my nightmares into his head, and the result happened just like the spell said it should. The villain threw up his hands and just started raving. Utterly delicious. I will need to research more spells of this nature. Though it wasn’t quite enough and I had to run up quite quickly to distract the man again. I also tired another out, making their movements sluggish, letting the others, umm, do their thing. Eventually, all the men were taken care of. The unfortunate thing was that Obtenibrous was almost also taken care of. The rogue he attempted got the better of him and left him in a bloody heap on the ground. Luckily, Garrett had another potion on his person that restored a little life back into the elf. Enough to walk out of the mines. And at least, there were some dwarves that survived the attack. We released them from their bonds and instructed them to follow us to the temple.

An irritating happening was that we found no information on Grandfather and who wished to burn his house down. Garrett found a note on the body of the ringleader of this group. It indicates that we must next journey into the sewers underneath the theatre district. This is going to be most unpleasant. I shudder to think what refuse we will come across. Not to mention what vermin. More of these large rats, I should expect. Well, when we next come across this Murdock, I shall certainly do my best to see he receives his comeuppance. I will need to research something special just for him.

Associated Regions: Atma
From the journal of Cidra Graystone

Contributor: Jess Landin