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Dearest Mother
continuation of the adventures in Atma
Dearest Mother, I hope that you have not been worrying since I've not had the opportunity to fill you in on events since I met my companions. If you have, please forgive me, it is because the plot of seeking Murduc continues to grow thicker and thicker. We had been hired by a guardsman named Davin Rothain to investigate some intrigue in the Narin mining guild, something about constructs malfunctioning and attacking the citizenry. So we sought the place out and and one of the clues linked the events to Murduc of all people. There was some skirmishes, yes, and I was hurt but only minorly. It seems that although quite adept in my ambidexterity as I am, maybe I should not place myself directly in contact with an enemy until I am better skilled or heavier plated. We did rescue some dwarf hostages from the Narin mining proper! Most were barbarically slaughtered before our arrival but at least we saved some. The next clue leads us to a catacomb of sewers beneath the theatre district where if rumors are correct we will find the base of a thieves guild of nefarious repute. But that is for tomorrow, I appologies for my grammar, Mother, and can only so mayhaps its a rub of from my new friend Grimgore Axehand.
Let me tell you of them briefly before I reverie. There's the aforementioned dwarf, gruff in his ways and a bit uncouth as it is with his kind. But a stalworth companion he is and a power with his axe and plate. I do wish he were a bit less reckless, though. Maybe I can be a positive influence on him in that way.
Next is our other warrior, Protoss, and truely the most reliable and trustworthiest of us all. Although a bit unusual it is that he is a construct. I didn't know this at first, in fact it finally slipped from the young lady Cidra's mouth just before we left for the theatre district. I had thought Protoss to be another heavly armed and armored fighter of the knightly sort. Anyway, he does not act, speak, or "think(?)" like any machine I've ever seen or heard. In fact he possesses many traits I myself find worthy of emmulation, but that makes my head hurt to ponder.
Lady Cidra is the youngling who owns, if that is the right term, Protoss. She is so young! I can't even image how the short lived races survive. How does an elf empathize with a person who wxperiences in a decade all that we garner in 2 centuries! The poor girl, no wonder Cidra is sullen one moment and volitile the next.
The last but certainly not least is the man Sir Gunthar Silversword directed me to, Garrett McMasterson. As I've said before, he is an obtainer of antiquities and a bit opportunistic to boot with many stealth like abilities. I am sure he is honorable enough especially if Protoss will keep company with him.
And there we are, Mother. Please, do not make mention of me being injured to Father. He would insist, quest of the counsil or not, that I return home for a century of more training before I even act as emisary to the black tailed squirrells of the oak trees.
All my love,

Associated Regions: Atma
From the journal of Obtenibrous

Contributor: Joe Cockfield