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Into The Belly Of The Beast
...and so we traveled beyond the river of filth...
Dear father,

I know it's been a week since my last letter but do not fret for I am well. I've been traveling with my new comrads to aid in the freeing of dwarven hostages imprisoned by Murdoc. I knew I should a slit his throat when Garette Introduced us. So much fro tryin good manners now I gotta hunt em down again to take his head off.

Been savin alot of gold since I got here. Strippin your enemy bare once eee's dead pays off if yer git what I'm sain. Must a had me 4 sets a armor, 5 short swords, 4 bows I was a sight but its all worth it. I've got almost 400 gold!

When I get back you gotta help me with my next project. I need to make a more powerful axe. This one is gettin right chewwed up from armor and stone. Need one thats sturdier and sharper. An axe that can sunder weapons and armor like they were butter. By the time I get home I'll have the money and I'll be ready for your help.

I miss you dearly and look forward to my return.


Seargent Grimgore Axehand

Associated Regions: Atma, Citadel
From the journal of Grimgore Axehand

Contributor: Evan Menz