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Largest of the Free Nations provences
Massenmarch is made up mostly of wide, sweeping plains, speckled with farm land here and there. It's entire Northern border is the coast line of the Free Nations, stretching all the way to the Bloodskull Barony, separated only by a few scant mountains. To the East is Lessten, and the South is the border of Berhagen.

Two villages have sprung up along the trade road here, called Brasova and Caulenbrough. The trade road runs from Drachenhorn, through the Borderwode, and all the way to the port city of Seaharrow, located just to the West of the Crimson Point. The other port of Massenmarch is Caeracus, but it is mostly a fishing town, and is known widely for the carved bone sculptures of the large sea fish they bring in.

Since the area does border the Kaldir Crown Mountians, and the Bloodskull Barony is so close, The Red Legion has established a presence in the province by setting up two large fortifications. The first is the Crimson Point Fortress, which watches over the sea trade with it's many warships, and the second is the Mountain Watch, a fort set into the cliffs and bluffs at a passable area of the mountains, along the coast.

The dwarves of Citadel have set up an outpost in the western side of the Kaldir Crown Mountians, away from the orcs and goblins. They have named it Khurin-Azur, and they do a brisk trade with the mercantile peoples of the Free Nations.

Inhabitants: Human
Regions located within Massenmarch include Fartherwall, Seaharrow
Massenmarch is located in Selladorian Free Nations

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