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Fotress city of the Red Legion

When The Red Legion started growing large enough to warrant a permanent encampment, Victor Elbricht chose the shores of Crystal Lake, located in the center of the Free Nations. Founded in 3025 AA, this military camp would eventually become Kiergard, a city second in size only to Drachenhorn.

After a time, the families of the soldiers started living nearby in small houses, and eventually started small farms as well. Merchants started setting up permanent shops to deal not only with the Legion, but with the other people starting to inhabit the area around it.

in 3031 AA Victor Elbricht quickly realized that the camp was becoming a small city and set about to fortify it, hiring city planners and ordering the construction of a keep and the beginnings of a wall to mark the outer borders of the new city. They vastly underestimated the pace of growth, however, and construction of the wall as abandoned after only a quarter of it had built. Legions Keep continued to serve as administrative office for The Red Legion until 3047 AA when construction began on a larger castle, a major feature of the city that defines what is now known as The Castle Ward.

Now, years later, an explosion of growth and trade has changed the small community into the second largest city in the Free Nations, with only Drachenhorn surpassing it. Kiergard is now the first capital of Innishiere and the central hub for all politics and travel in the Selladorian Free Nations.

The prosperity of Kiergard and its influence as home to The Red Legion has caused some strife in the surrounding lands, as the first young generation of self-ennobled rulers and landowners begin to question why the importance of this central city must eclipse that of their own. Ironically the true threat to Kiergard may not be from a physical assault but rather from the machinations of new nations whose sons and daughters have flocked here to make a name for themselves. "The blood of the city runs red, not blue" is a Common phrase uttered in many a tavern.

The fortified walls of Kiergard stand tall and proud, a testament to any who would dare attack the defenders of the Free Nation at their own home.

Inhabitants: Human
Associated regions include Crystal Lake, Ice River
Regions located within Kiergard include The Castle Ward, The Docks, The Lower Ward, The Market, The Outer Ward
Kiergard is located in Innishiere

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Contributor: Jacob McDonald