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Tuornen Valley

Located in the very heart of the Free Nations, the Tuornen Valley is just that; a large valley that is surrounded on three sides by the Winding Wood, and extends almost all the way to the Ice River where it flows out of the Kaldir Crown Mountians, and feeds into Crystal Lake.

Two villages account for most of the population of the Valley. Woodsmire, a logging community, sits at the upper edge of the vale, over looking the wide open, sweeping plains below. The city of Tuornen, from which the valley takes it's name, is the center of the farming community that dominates the area. It is there that most of the wheat, grain, and corn that is grown in the Vally almost year round is brought to be processed and shipped out to sell, since there is always a surplus crop.

This area is characterized by it's good cheer and homely, good people. A sense of community and family is prevalent in all daily activities of the people here.

Alignment: NG
Inhabitants: Human
Tuornen Valley is located in Selladorian Free Nations

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Contributor: Jacob McDonald