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Berhagen has one of the lowest populations of any area in the Free Nations. With only two small villages to it's name, the province is dominated by the Sunken Lands, the Crow Fells, and the Borderwode.

Klienstadt, the assumed capital city of Berhagen, is the trade city that exists along the trade road that runs from Drachenhorn to Kiergard. Rheulgrad is a small village that sits near the marshy depths of the Sunken Lands, making a living off of the various mushrooms and rare woods that can be found near the borders of that cursed place.

Inhabitants: Human
Regions located within Berhagen include Crow Fells, Klienstadt, Rheulgrad, Rugensburg, Sunken Lands
Berhagen is located in Selladorian Free Nations

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Contributor: Jacob McDonald