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Bloodskull Barony
After the great battle of the Roerihm Pass in 3025 AA in which the combined might of the armies of Gideon and Sellador repelled the hordes of the Black Hand orcs, the scattered survivors found their way south and east, across the mountains and into the Free Nations. Of those orcs there was a charismatic and cunning unit commander by the name of Valkith.

Valkith gathered to himself what remained of his fellow orcs and blazed a trail of looting and pillaging through the area now known as Massenmarch, until they were at last stopped by the Kaldir Crown Mountains. There, beyond the dark forest of the Dire Wode amidst the ruined mountains and cliffs of the Broken Peaks, they finally rested, counting their spoils. Valkith, understanding their situation, used their ill-gotten loot to help them establish a base of operations from which to rebuild and strike anew.

Several years later, in 3031 AA, Valkith's tribe had grown and assimilated most of the orcs already living in the Broken Peaks, as well as a fair few of the goblinoid races that dwelled therein. No longer content to be simply a tribe leader, Valkith founded a fortress city, named it after himself, and established the Bloodskull Barony.

Two years after the Barony's founding, Valkith was challenged, defeated, and killed by his own son, Ulm, in a brutal melee that ended the lives of nearly all of the old guard. Ulm One-Eye now sits as the Baron of the Bloodskull, commanding a great number of subjects. He has made no moves to raid--or trade--outside of the borders of his domain yet, but The Red Legion is wary nonetheless. Ulm broods upon his throne, knowing that his people are eager for war, but fearful of the treachery that inevitably follows, once the blood is spilled and the spoils tallied.

The Bloodskull Barony is situated with the Winding Wood to its south, the Kaldir Crown Mountains and the Dire Wode to its west, and the vast and poisonous Kharse Desert off to the east. While the entire northern border is coastline, no known ports exist there. The only city in the area is Valkith, beyond the shadowed woods of the Dire Wode in the Broken Peaks, with its high towers of black stone and its walls shaped from sheer cliffs protecting it from any incursion.

Inhabitants: Orc, Goblin, Kobold
Regions located within Bloodskull Barony include Broken Peaks, Direwode, Dust Fens, Valkith
Bloodskull Barony is located in Selladorian Free Nations

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Contributor: Jacob McDonald