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Ancient and noble city of the dwarves
Danahg-Mor, though not the largest of cities of Citadel, houses a great deal of the wealth and influence of the dwarven nation. As one of the oldest settled caverns of Citadel, it is the seat of the government of Citadel and also a major crossroads of trade; in fact, almost all goods entering Citadel from the surface make their way via the roads of Danahg-Mor. Given the concentration of wealth and power in this city a certain level of corruption becomes inevitable. Despite the regal appearance of the city, it does have its darker areas, places where dark deals and political exchanges are made hidden away from the eyes of the city’s many monuments to glory and honor.

Danahg-Mor is the ancient home to the seat of the King of Citadel and the High Temples of Throrn, Thurn, Haldros, and Evendour.

Inhabitants: Dwarf
Dannag-Mor is located in Citadel

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen