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Prior to 3057 AA this small town was once populated by a hearty breed of men and woman who thrived in the shadow of the cursed Sunken Lands. The towns major source of income was based on the rare woods they were able to acquire from the swamp, as well as the exotic and tasty mushrooms that grow there. Several small farms surrounded the village and rare furs and hides of monsters were also exported on bi-monthly trade runs to Drachenhorn and Kiergard.

The only center of worship was a small temple to Jerick that was overseen by three young men and one young woman, all clerics of the Cycle of life and death.

Rheulgrad was destroyed by a dragon attack and the Silvermane Gnoll Tribe in the mid spring of 3057 AA. The survivors migrated to Klienstadt.

Inhabitants: Human
Rheulgrad is located in Berhagen

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Contributor: Jacob McDonald