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A warrior monk with a forgotten past
Hidden deep in the mountains of the Three Peaks is a small monastery dedicated to the worship of Hadun. The monastery is overseen by the two current head monks Prawo and Prawda who are the respective keepers of “The Word of Law” and the “Will of Truth.” For the last fifteen years the head monks have each been training their own successor. Both of these students were brought to the monastery by their teacher at the age of three and spent the rest of their lives learning the teachings of Hadun and the means in which to protect the tenets of their beliefs. The two successors having turned eighteen are being prepared for their Pilgrimage of Succession. They are to travel in separate directions from the monastery and walk the lands as servents of Hadun. Upon their thirtieth year of pilgrimage they are to return to the monastery and only if both are deamed worthy will they take their place as the keepers of the “Word of Law” and the “Will of Truth.” In the last year the student of Prawda has been troubled. Unknown to his teacher, he has begun to have visions during intense meditations. He sees things that he should not see, and remembers words that should have no meaning to him. Why, in the deepest parts of his mind does he recall words like “mother” and “father” and why is he haunted by images of a brother he has never seen. He has kept these troubling visions to himself because he knows these are things that Prawda never taught him about, and he is feeling emotions like sadness and loneliness of which he should not have. There is a great conflict in him as he sets out on his pilgrimage, does he follow his faith and the teachings of his master, or does he seek out the truth behind his lost memories. As he loses sight of the monastery he makes the decision to give himself a name, and identity of his own and uses a word from a fragment of his past that evokes feelings he can’t understand when he recalls it. He becomes Nikolai.

Alignment: LG
Race: Human
Place of Origin: Three Peaks

Contributor: Mike Wojciechowski