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Noble, devout, if unexpected servent of Aesia
A stunning example of the power of Aesia, Rothgar has come from the worst of beginnings to become a shining light in times of darkness. Rothgar is of half-orc blood, but has been taught in the ways of Aesia. Trained as a paladin and protector of the innocent he has become an unlikely castoff of the orcish invasion. Not having a land or even people to call his own, he joined The Red Legion to help spread the word of Aesia as well as hone his skills in the real world. Though he relies on his training and spiritual guidance, he cannot deny the blood in his veins, and uses this rage to great advantage in the maelstrom of combat.

Alignment: LG
Race: Half-Orc
Place of Origin: The Selladorian Free Nations
Rothgar is a member of the The Red Legion
View the journals of Rothgar.

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Contributor: Chris Kordella