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Justice Can Be So Anticlimatic
There seems to be something amiss with my good friend Grimgore. He is acting in a most unusual way, unusual for a dwarf that is. Sullen and uncommunitive, no ale before bed, random acts of charity. I think that my friend, if I'm not mistaken, is ashamed that he succumbed to the fear effects of the undead creature. Maybe he doesn't understand the unnatural glamour that the thing creates? Anyway, I hope he snaps out of it for I believe that we will need the full focus of our attention if we are to catch Murdoch.
As we travel through to the region of Atma North of the river, in the slums by the tannery, the streets are abuzz with gossip about recent events. The upcoming state dinner is the main topic, of course it being a day of life gift party for the philanthropist Lady Pallas, but also people seem to think that it is an emergancy meeting for the counsel of nine to discuss the "evil" meteor. I suppose we shall see eventually but it is a strange coincidence. Is Grimgore actually cleaned and polished?
The strange woman we met earlier, the one who asked of us to preform the small task of throwing a pebble over a balcony in the sewers, has aproached us again with another task. There's something familiar about her but I can't quite place it. Oh well, maybe if I don't think about it it will come to me. Now she wants us to place a chip in the Northeast corner of a blue building in the slums. Why? none of us can say but it seems easy enough, though I don't recall any blue building in that particular area. Thankfully Lady Cidra and her keen intuition was right on the money. The building is like a squatters hovel, definitely abandoned and seeing as we are not actually harming anything the good dwarf takes out a good size wedge and pockets it as reciept. I will have to look up at the hall of records to see who does own this place and make some restoration for the damage we did. It can't amount to much, all things considered but it is the fact of the matter, any less just would not be honorable.
It was when we were almost there that Grimgore noticed a hand in his purse that was not his. He was just a child, couldn't be much younger than Lady Cidra, but he reacted more dwarf like than he had been acting these last days and knocked the child out cold with his shield. Poor kid will have a headache for weeks. Some good came out of i though, after Davin revived him a bit, he knew the area very well and after some conjoling agreed to lead us to the square in front of Murdoch's house. Poor thing is absolutely petrified though. Protoss and I agree that he is a victim of circumstance, not fate, and given a different situation the lad could make an honorable go at life so we've agreed that if his information is accurate we will send him to Lord Gunthar and from thence into some sort of apprenticeship.
And at last we have Murdoch. Protoss has asked me to fairy fire his hammer and charges the door while I cover him, it was a good plan, but Murdoch, an associate, and 2 pet dog like dragons were positioned in alleys off to either side. I occupied Murdoch so he would not make Grimgore a pincushion while he quickly dispatched the other thief and Protoss took on the large beasties. I was actually doing very well against him, so much so that he fled. Thank goodness Lady Cidra's bolt got to him before he could escape! But after all is said and done, we experienced more danger, drama, and intrigue about Murdoch than with his actual person. It's to simple and I have a bad feeling about this.

Associated Regions: Atma
From the journal of Obtenibrous

Contributor: Joe Cockfield