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Out Of The Frying Pan Into The Atman Defence League
Upon interogation we have found Murdoch to be full of information, I'm sure Garett and Grimgore playing "bad watch officer and worse watch officer respectively, assisted much. Poor Protoss though did not seem to understand at first but he got the hang of it, quite quickly I might add after having thought about the matter for a moment. Anyway, Murdoch no longer has the Eternity Glass and I can only hope that the elven counsel is not displeased that I have been unable to attain it. He said that he sold it to a cleric named Orglean, who is a lower member of the higher escheleon in the Church of Nargeth. It seems they are trying to use it to call the God down and destroy the world! May the great dragon protect us all.
He was also responsible for the arson of Lady Cidra's grandfathers house. Murdoch was hired by the Atman Defense League for the purpose of attaining Protoss. It was here that Protoss got it because he picked up Murdoch, slammed him against the wall and suddenly he remembered names. A man named Tomac Drenin, the second son of Lord Benzic, and none other that General Garivis. I knew this all seemed to easy and now the pot may have just about thickened beyond our ability to handle. I mean the general himself!
Furthermore it was the Atman Defense League that hired the dwarves for the purpose of stealing the design of their superior constructs because they wanted constructs with intelligence but not will. Then the League slaughtered them and set it up to look like faulty design.
That was about all the pertanant info we got from Murdoch. Garett and Lady Cidra search his premise and found tickets to the State dinner, the sceptre missing from Garett's museum as well as some magics and trinkets while Grimgore raided the armory. Lady Cidra graciously gave me a nice set of studded leather armor that fits well and is well crafted. Then, having decided that the best course of action is to hand Murdoch over to the Cleric Drendrith of the Artisifer's temple, seeing as we odviously can not trust the ADL, we head back to the inn to wait for the dinner which is a few days off. I took care of our friend the soon to be reformed thief with a little extra to boot and sent him with Lady Cidra's letter to lord Gunthar.
While resting before the event we are again approached by our mysterious cloaked friend with another small task. She asked us to give a soldier, whom we will know by the fact that he is going off duty at the time of our arrival at the dinner, twenty gold pieces. Garett proposed an ingenious plan to attain that end without arrousing suspicion, a bet amongst two rich persons which Protoss and Grimgore pulled off perfectly and then we were in. It was pretty ackward and we eventually split up to hear what we could, not of course before paying our respects to the day of life gift girl though.
Protoss could discern that the aura of General Garivis is indeed very evil. We may need to lay low for a while after the party due to all the attention we've caused. Right before leaving I was approached by a strange shifty eyed fellow who seemed very nervous and, well, distracted. Zarin the prescient of the counsel of nine he was and spoke like the diviner he is. He said that we are leaving Atma for a while, the Church of Nargeth is not finished attempting to wreck havoc, we are going to Fairbough, going to Citadel, not to meantion the dwarf/elf conflict, and to say hello to Queen Aesa for him. Hmmm.

Associated Regions: Atma
From the journal of Obtenibrous

Contributor: Joe Cockfield