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Rat In A Trap
This has been an exciting day. I wasn't really looking forward to making a visit to the slums. In fact, I have tried to make a point of not setting foot in that vicinity up until this time. With good reason, as both Protoss and myself became victims to thieving pickpockets. However, I suppose the trip was unavoidable, as the next piece of this grand puzzle resides there. That thrice-damned Murdoch. I cannot wait to interrogate the villian. Assuming he wakes up, that is.

We encountered the strange woman again. The one that wished us to throw a rock off a balcony in the sewers. This time, she willed us to put a small gash in a blue stone house somewhere on our way. I was certainly more willing to help the lady out . I even would have marked the building myself as I found myself in a somewhat savage mood. But Gringore beat me to the punch, or cleave, as that seems a more apporpriate term. Though I still cannot fathom why he decided to keep the piece he knocked out. Must be a dwarven inclination. It was most amusing when people decided to bicker over the lawfulness of the "vandalism" or some such nonsense. Though I very much doubt that anyone would notice another notch taken out of one of these delapidated hovels.

What was astounding is that Grimgore, in a rare moment of clarity, actually caught the jackanape attempting to filch his purse. Even more amazing, he let the boy keep his hand attached to his arm. Though the child was knocked out cold from a single bash of the dwarf's shield. Then, the collective decision was to use the boy to lead us to Murdoch's. In return, he would receive enough gold to purchase himself an apprenticeship. I, personally would have taken his hand, but he was already scared enough. And after weighing in the potential usefulness, I do believe it was a sound decision.

After we found Murdoch's establishment, the men decided on some scheme to lure him out. Some were to rush the door and others would stay back out of harm's way to launch a distance attack. Maybe this would have been more effective if Murdoch hadn't been laying in wait for us. We expected a fight, of course. It was not as if we would be invited in for tea and biscuits. Backup he had in the form of another rogue and dragon-dog beasts. Nasty creatures whose real name escapes me currently. Myself, I only had eyes for Murdoch. Obtenebrus seemed to have the same idea, as he drew his weapons and dashed to the rogue to carve him up. I never though we'd be dealing with a magic user though. Not that he had any spells other than magic missile. Also, he could only fire a single missle at a time. That alone was enough to tell me he was not as skilled as I in the arcane arts.

Of course, again and again, my nerves seemed to fail me. And some of my best spells he just repelled. Didn't faze him at all. At least I got the last blow in. When the coward was attempting to run away. I just couldn't let him do that. So I let loose with my last trick. A new technique I had kept up my sleeve for just such an occasion. I suppose I over did things. But watching that ray blast into his back and lift him off his feet was, delicious. And a such heady ruch of power. My fingertips are still tingling.

Hmmm. He looks so sad, just lying there in the street. Davin is going to heal him up a bit. Get him conscious so we can have a few words. I hope Murdoch is in a talking mood. We don't want to stay here any longer than we need to.

Associated Regions: Atma
From the journal of Cidra Graystone

Contributor: Jess Landin