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The Ball
good deeds will not go unpunished

Dear King GrandHorn II,

Just wanted to let you know that I will be returning to Citadel very soon. The Dwarves have been rescued. Their wrong doer has been brought to justice by my hands. I do feel that I should inform you that I have performed a little research that you should find rather interesting. This evening I attended a dinner with The Circle Of Nine. As always I was a good embassador of Citadel and had the opportunity to meet several members of the Circle Of Nine and the head of the Atman Defense League... General Garivus himself! I also found out that our presencee in the city is known to many and that our good deeds will not go unpunished if we don't get out of town very fast... so with that, I'll say adeu, and see you soon.

Associated Regions: Atma, Citadel
From the journal of Grimgore Axehand

Contributor: Evan Menz