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One of the Red Legion
Terrance started his life in the town of Fartherwall as the son of a realitively well-to-do merchant, and grew up never wanting for anything. He was snobbish, always looking down on other children, and always expecting everyone with less money than his family to pander to his every whim.
All that changed on his sixteenth birthday. It was his first time on a trade caravan with his father, and it would also be his last. Gnolls attacked on the way to Drachenhorn, and the caravan was wiped out. Terrance fought for his life, firing arrow after arrow from the brand new bow his father had bought for him, but it was of no use. One of the gnolls broke his father's gift, and slashed his face with a sword, cutting out his left eye.
Terrance ran.
After several days of wandering the fields of Innishiere alone, he stumbled on an encampment of soldiers calling themselves The Red Legion, and their encampmant Kiergard. They took him in, trained him, and made him one of their own. Though he was told he would never be able to shoot well again because of the loss of his eye, Terrance was determined, and soon became one of the best the Legion had to offer.
After five years of service at Kiergard, Terrance returned home to find his mother had died several years before, and his families fourtune had been squandered by his couisens. It didn't bother him though. The loud, brash young man that had left Fartherwall had returned quiet and introverted. He rarely spoke, and simply went about his duties as a member of The Red Legion without question.

Alignment: LN
Race: Human
Associated Regions: Dhoesone
Terrance is a member of the The Red Legion

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Contributor: Jacob McDonald