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Odmot Hobblefoot
Crippled gnomish bridge builder.
Odmot was born with one leg almost four inches shorter than the other, and was quickly given the name Hobblefoot as a result. Determined to see the world, he left his home early in life, and travled far and wide, eventually setteling down with his wife, Petunia, in the Selladorian Free Nations. He used his enginering skills to design the Maral Bridge, and the small fortune he'd gathered in his travles to fund it's construction.
Now days he lives in the small house at the bridges half way point, and charges a light toll to cross it, so he can make a living to suport himself and his wife. Though he seems a bit old and cranky, Odmot is truely a good, kind Gnome, and wont ever turn down a travler in need.

Alignment: NG
Race: Gnome
Associated Regions: Maral Bridge

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Contributor: Jacob McDonald