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Rougish and handsom bandit.
Daryn Theros never knew his mother, as she died in his birthing. His father was a woodcutter, and a carpenter by trade, but Daryn never had much use for honest work. In him flowed a special power, that he quickly learned to control. Unluck seemed to follow him, and he used his ability to curse people and things to great success.
By the time he was old enough, and experienced enough with a sword to do so, he gathered a gang of thugs together and became the leader of his own pack of bandits. Having little use for his father, Daryn used the strange powers he had been born with to cause an 'accident', effectivly murdering the old man while making it look like an accident.
Not wanting anything to do with his former life, Daryn Theros took on the name Diabolik, and began using his gang to torrment and rob the caravans that ran across the Maral Bridge.
After his gang was dispatatched by a unit of men from The Red Legion, and he was seriously wounded in the battle, Diabolik fled to parts unknown, and is still at large.

Alignment: NE
Race: Human

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Contributor: Jacob McDonald