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Vincent Dhark
Aging former commander of the Red Legion
Vincent Dhark was a young man of twenty years living in the quiet town of Everest when his childhood friend Victor came to him and asked him to join the millitia he was forming. Being somewhat handy with a sword, Dhark joined right up, thinking it would be just a temporary thing until they found wives and settled down to farm and raise children.
Fifteen years later, that millitia was called The Red Legion, and Vincent found himself a General. He stepped back, wondering how his life had become something he'd never wanted it to become, and promptly handed his resignation in to Victor.
Leaving to persue a quite life, Dhark found that he'd spent far too long fighting and ordering troops around. He fled to the unsettled parts of the Free Nations, into the Dust Fens and the Three Peaks area, and became a sword for hire, not wanting to return and face his old friend who he'd turned his back on, but also not knowing how to do anything else.
He used to sit and stare at full mugs of ale, since he doesn't drink, and ponder how his life has come to such ruin. Saddness hung about him like a thick blanket, and his weary eyes reflected his misery.
A few years after his self imposed exile had begun however, a small contingent from the Legion, investigating dark goings on stumbled upon him. He agreed to go with them back to Kiergaurd, and has since resumed his post.
Vincent passed from this world in 3050, dying not on the battle field, but of simple age and illness. A fever that wouldn't go away turned sour and Vincent was unable to leave his bed. Eventually, his body simply gave out.
Victor Elbricht, his oldest friend reported that Dhark died with a smile on his face, surrounded by friends and family.

Alignment: NG
Race: Human
Associated Regions: Selladorian Free Nations
Vincent Dhark is a member of the The Red Legion

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Contributor: Jacob McDonald