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A Shift In Objectives
After the grim discovery of the general, it is time to report of our activities of late. I am given the duty of delivering our after action review to Commander Bissel. While we are all present at Bissels office, I am the only one who speaks. I tell him of the Gnoll troubles, the prisoners we freed, and Yeen-og-uh. Also he is informed about Diabolik and our incident on the bridge. Mainly though I try to explain our actions here in town. With the death of the general fresh in all our minds, it seems only fitting that I make this a key point. Commander Bissel is satisfied with my report and sends us to our leave.

Two days we are able to rest and recover from our journeys and encounters. I spend a great deal of time within the confines of the church, praying for absolution of my sins, and for those souls I have released to Aesias judgment. I do not see much of my friends for these few days, for they have other ways in which they would rather relax, and for this I cannot fault them. While I pray, one of the legions many mages is busy identifying the sword that Diabolik left behind. Though I have been assured that it is a Common magical sword, there is something about it that just seems abnormal. I worry because I would never think to use a weapon that had evil inherent in its creation, and Diabolik is most certainly evil, but perhaps my superstitions are getting the better of me. I guess time shall tell.

Our two-day respite goes by much too quickly. The third morning we are home Victor Albrect himself calls all legionnaires to convene in the town square. Victor addresses all of us, explaining that The Red Legion must become a more proactive organization, and help lead the way to a better Free Nations. While we will still be the standing army that we are, special detachments of troops will be spread throughout the Free Nations to act as a unified police and investigation force. We will not just go where trouble is, but stop it before it begins. This shall be the new Red Legion. With this news still fresh in our minds, we report to Commander Bissel.

Entering Bissels office, things are much as they always are. Sandra smokes, Adrianna pouts, and Nickoli looks somewhat lost. One thing that stands out is Gerards demeanor. He appears to be finally taking his soldiering seriously. He stands at attention, salutes and does not talk back unless asked. This is a great change for him, and the cause eludes me. I will not complain, for another true soldier would be welcome amongst this crew.

Bissel informs us that we have been given a new assignment to further the Legions new objectives. Our unit has been transformed into a "special investigations" unit, and we have all been promoted to Specialist Investigators. We are also being sent on our first assignment. We are to look into a weapons smuggling ring at Sendor Port. There is little information on exactly what is going on, so it is our job to find out where and who these weapons are coming from, and who they are being delivered to.

With new rank come new responsibilities and privileges. Commander Bissel has finally approved my request for a suit of full-plate armor. Perhaps this new position will not be so bad after all. He signs the supply requisitions and I head to Corporal Conrad to be fitted with my new armor.

This could be the start of something great.

Off to Sendor Port.

From the journal of Rothgar

Contributor: Chris Kordella