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Legendary terror of the jungles of Kesh
Rodgort the Enflaminator is one of the great mysteries of the jungles of dark and forboding Curmeah, her origins clouded in legend. All who have seen the cottages burned away or witnessed the peasants crushed in her mighty jaws agree that Rodgort is a true terror. Indeed, the people of the primitive humang Uuntu tribe describe Rodgort as both wrath and punishment... a being best supplicated or avoided.

It is said that once Rodgort was as a man, cursed by the gods for a great crime to live forever as a beast. Others say Rodgort was a dragon, cursed in much the same way. Perhaps both are true, and Rodgort was a dragon-man of sorts.

She rules her territory as only a beast can, with terror and primal cunning. She is the outermost Bastion of the defenses of Khoria, the small kingdom of red dragons who dwell in the mountains east of Kesh. The denizens of Khoria often check in on Rodgort, sometimes stirring her to hunt and prey upon the local humanoid tribes.

Rodgot was slain in 3029 AA by the Fellowship Of The Crystal Tear as part of an effort to restore their friend Tendaris to health.

Alignment: CE
Associated Regions: Kesh, Khoria

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen