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Champions Of The Goddess
Some days I find it difficult do believe that it has been almost three years since the fall of Aram. For so long the nightmares were so clear and vivid, I could feel myself die over and over. The pain, humiliation and torment of Aram's mind trying to rend my body and soul every time I closed my eyes! It was unbearable! Enough to drive an elf to the brink I tell you.

Good thing I'm only Elvish in body and not spirit or I would have never found this place, this mountain in the lands of Ashuran. I have always been known to have a great wander lust and a bit of a nose for treasure and excitement but I don't think anyone expected anything quite like this. I know I didn't!

It was about a year after the Fellowship Of The Crystal Tear had separated following the installment of the soon to be Queen and High Wizard of Tel-Tenauril that I left my companions to continue tracking down my family's history. I already understood the fact that Razariel had taken Verumvoril (My last living relative) as his own personal host dragon and although I could not change that fact quite yet I dwelt on it constantly. It haunted my waking hours like a cloud on my mind.

I had been visiting Baeren and his people in their new village on the river Neph. There was going to be a "holy cleansing of the sky" as Barren put it and he assured me that it was on these special occasions when the rapture of the sacred flame would bring clarity of thought and good fortune to all who basque in its glory. Although a little skeptical it seemed intriguing enough and I agreed to stay and take part in the "festivities". Now if you have never partied with Keepers of The Sacred Flame let me warn you if you don't like fire STAY HOME!!!!!! Fortunately i like fire... Ok I REALLY like FIRE!!!

The evening began with much feasting and festivity and several fairly long winded speeches and toasts to this and that. I think one was to me but i was day dreaming a bit waiting for the real entertainment and missed it if it was! Various musicians and dancers none particularly great but all very passionate! Then near midnight Barren instructed all in attendance to prepare their "offering" and a few moments later streaks of fire began to appear in the moonless star filled sky. For a moment I thought of Arilyn and how she and i would no doubt be ooing and ahhing under the effects of that particular goblin takillya we're so fond of if she were here. But alas she was not.

I watched intently as the the fire began to grow into many streaks that appeared to fill the inky blackness. Then with no warning just as the fire in the sky reached its Peak Barren and his people (now bear in mind that there were a couple hundred) began loosing their arsenal of fireballs to the sky and of course I joined in! It was spectacular and I fully intend to bring Islan to the next one, he would find it most note worthy. The entire sky from horizon to horizon was filled with flame. Alfred was not pleased but at least he was grateful: I asked him to stay with me or he would have been hunting!

That night I slept well free of thoughts of Aram and my former companions. Instead I dreampt of a lone mountain in the dessert, aged and worn yet grand and strong almost wizened by time. I dreampt of Dragons Gold, Silver, and Bronze coming and going from the mountain but all was peaceful and well. There were men dressed in red and gold bustling here and there living an extraordinary life. Together in harmony they had built a society with the Dragons... and then I awoke. It was still dark and all was quiet the fires had died down and there was no sign of the watch, I woke Alfred and we took our leave.

We traveled for many days guided by the map the dessert goblins had given to me so long ago. I had improved it much and I think by the time I found the place i was searching for it had become one of the most detailed maps of the desserts of Curmeha. On the very northern end of a range of mountains in the eastern territories of Ashuran's dominion i found the home from my dream. Although there were no dragons to be found there was much else here than I had anticipated from some caves in a mountain. On the majority of the walls was painting and carving in ancient dialect of Draconic. I have been able to get the gist of it from the pictures and such but I sure would love to know the details. This depiction of history I believe details my family history, the society that had existed here and how Ashuran and his minions had waged war against them for many a century and then it stopped... Must have been when Verumvoril was taken by Razariel. The end of my line. Still have no idea how I came to survive and arrive where i did but I'm a lot further than I was and thats something.

I think I know what comes next though I am not sure I am up for the task. There is still a war to be won, a God to be slain, and Verumvoril to save. It may be beyond me alone but I have the resources and the Allies, I must plan...

Associated Regions: Curmeha
From the journal of Dolartu Magmar

Contributor: Evan Menz