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Axiomatic Folly
This was a strange and tense moment, meeting Sinaan. For starters he was evil, you could just tell, evil and as if that needed topping off he was of the undead. Problem was though he was not attacking us and Jacques wanted to talk with him and he with Jacques. Sinaan does not have to high an opinion of Amael, Jacques' teacher, and was curious to see what he has been taught and how well he learned it. What followed was a dazzling display of hand to hand fighting abilities, it was almost dizziing to watch. After Sinaan accompanied us to Aradt and the Tree of Life under which Lahantwene sleeps. I should have known better, so should have Lord Islan I guess but Jacques judgement is usually on track. Thats the whole problem with the word of the law thing, Sinaan said he had no ill intent and we took it at face value. It was Amael who showed us the error of our ways and rushed to defend the tree. So after we all regrouped and cut Sinaan off he challenged Jacques to a one on one battle and our good and noble monk wanted to accept. The absolute vanity of the lawfully minded Aesia be merciful, he really expected all of us to sit back while they fought! Aesia forgive me for besmerching this mans noble path and outlook but I can not agree with the concept of placing one persons honor over the possible fate of existence, thats neither honor nor a noble jesture, thats just vanity. I said as much to Jacques after we as a group defeated Sinaan but I don't think he heard me with an open ear. I'm just glad that Lord Islan and the rest agree. It was strange though that Sinaan didn't seem to realize what unlife made him capable of. He seemed to only come aware of it as we where fighting. Lucky for us it was nothing that the power of the Bright Lady could not mend, praise her name!
We did learn from Amael that the goddess shuddered in her sleep because of the release of the Prisoners Of Thule. This was the being that Delartu had seen and fled from and I can still barely imagine what it is. Lord Islan said that they are an evil from before time but I can't recollect an bit of lore about them. Miss Arilyn suggested that we go to her home in Lochlainn where we might be able to find some more information and speak to some people so off we go. May the blessings of Aesia be upon us all.

Associated Regions: Aradt
From the journal of Lothloran

Contributor: Joe Cockfield