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A Deal Wth The Devil

Dearest Father Xavien and my humble brothers in faith,
I hope that my letter finds you all flowing with the blessings of Aesia, glory in her light! I feel both blessed and unease at the moment, let me explain from the beginning and mayhaps you can shed some wisdom and guidance on this dire situation. The Lady Suzara has sent me to accompany Lord High Concelor Islan, Dolartu the mage, Arilyn the halfelf, and Jacques the monk of the Sun school of on a mission of great importance regaurding ancient creatures called The Prisoners Of Thule. If you could find any reference to these beings in the holy rit and send it to me in the city of Orovalis which lay in the mountains of the lands of Ashuran (don't panic I'll get to the explaination!) it would be most helpful.
We have traveled a great deal and will be home as soon as I recover my strenth, the good priests of Thral-Tep are aiding most marvelously. We had left the wastes of the desert Kharse and traveled to Lochlainn to find what information we can. It has been told us the the Lord of Clan McKrae, the arch fiend Antifex, has some knowledge that would help us. But of course he will want something in return. That I assure you does not sit well with me. Aesia guide us. His unholyness did assist the first elven queen Eliediana to imprison these creatures but how? And what did he get in return? The fiend told us that to help we would have to "recover" a person causing him some problems and we would have to meet with a minion of his named Balzatoth, not an arch fiend but a fiend non the less. So we went along, tracked down this Mawdred, (none other than the son of Antifax can you imagine? Aesia have mercy) and met with them both in a pub in the village. Mawdred was not what I expected from the son of a pit fiend, he is definitely fiendish but does not radiate evil as did Balzatoth. Mawdred seemed like a young adult acting out, wild and reckless, seeking attention maybe or acceptance. I wanted to aid this man(?) and send the bounty hunter assassin packing but was quite unsure of the rest of the parties thoughts. With him right there I couldn't just bluntly ask. Anyway, the two fiends looked about ready to go at each other. Balzatoth leering and malicious, Mawdred great game fast but poised and ready to spring, so I blessed them both! Yes, it was a glorious moment, Aesia allowed her light to flow through me, the pub emptied out as I brandished her symbol, and the two fiends looked at me as if to say "you so did not just do that" but I did. Unfortunately I doubt that my weak flesh could adequately harness her glory effectively but it was done and Bright Lady please forgive my pride. I don't think Lord Islan was happy about it, he kept shhhing me after that. Couldn't help it though. Dolartu suggested that we take it outside and out we all went, Lord Islan and myself last.
I should not have even worried because we all set on Balzatoth in Mawdred's defence. Dolartu turned into a huge gold dragon before my very eyes, grappled and pinned the bounty hunter. Miss Arilyn whirlling blades powered from her very soul, Lord Islan the blade singer mage, Mawdred and his flaming great sword all set upon him. I was not able to be as effecting except in bestowing Aesia's healing gifts, the fiend was just to resistant for me to overcome which must be some fault inmself. I will have to study more Holy Rit myself but I distract. Balzatoth escaped Dolartu's grasp I do not remember if on his own our by the mages release, disappeared for a moment to regroup and then attacked. The party eventually brought him down but not before he pointed at me and spoke words of vile darkness and I was no more. Not just dead but no more.
The priest of Thral-Tep have explained to me that through the power of Dolartu he reshaped reality to his will which brought my body back so that they could return me to the living. I remember basking in the warm radiance of her light but still knowing that there is much work to do. I have rested and feel strong again and must go about and purchase some things I need to make a Hallowed place to Aesia in our city. One day if it is her wish, maybe an actual temple. Please send what information that you can and any accolytes that may wish to spread her word here. It may be dangerous though, we have just double dealt Antifex himself and there will be retrobution.
Blessed by Aesia and her church!

Associated Regions: Lochlainn/ El-Alahd
From the journal of Lothloran

Contributor: Joe Cockfield