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Gnome Druid
Hi there! My names Gim.... or at least thats what my father calls me. My mother calls me Adord, my Uncle on my fathers side named me Dunstronger and his wife named me Trill. My friends call me Cooterber or Grudy, but you can call me Gim, just plain Gim. From what my dad says I come from a long line of the Wali Clan "The Greatest Alchemists who have ever lived!"


But you most likely dont care about that, do you? I didnt think so. So anyway I come from the largest of the gnomish cities, Cobblepot. I love saying that name, it sounds so silly! My dad always said I would make him so proud by following in his footsteps as a great alchemist. Eventually he would pass down the family alchemy shop to his brilliant and talented son Gim..... or at least that was his plan. Ive never really liked alchemy that much, all that thinking made my head hurt. At the age of 35 my father took me to the largest alchemy school in all of the gnomish lands, The Bubbling Flask Boarding School for the Alchemically Gifted. Ill never forget the words my father said to me when he left me on the steps of the school. He said, "Gim my boy, even the greatest of potion can come in a simple flask"... I never understood what he meant, but Ill never forget it. That was the last time I saw my father and mother, though the school was only two blocks from home.... which come to think of it was strange being sent to live at a boarding school that you can see from your front yard. Anyway though, after a few strange explosions which could never be linked back to me, I decided that alchemy wasnt the life for me. One day as the class was out picking herbs I just decided to leave.... and Ive been on my own ever since. Wandering in the woods was fun for the first day, but then something happened that I hadnt considered previously.... I got very hungry. I went looking for something good to eat and found a bush full of lovely, multi-colored berries. They looked so yummy that I ate and ate until I was stuffed. The berries tasted good enough but taste can be deceiving... I got up to find something to drink but I couldnt stand up straight, either that or the world was tipping over. I looked a head of me and saw a small black dog as my vision blurred and then, I dont remember anything else. I woke up laying in a strange little cave surrounded by all types of herbs and furs and other neat outdoors stuff. Sitting by a small fire in the corner of the cave was an old man, a human man! I asked him what had happened and he told me the berries I had picked were bad for me, but a little wolf pup and come to show him where I had fallen down. He gave me a funny tasting drink and it made my tummy feel a lot better. I told the old man my story; about the school, and my father, and how I didnt much care for alchemy and money, or living a life full of worry. The old man told me that there were other paths a person could walk, that he was a druid and he could teach me his way of life if I wanted. He taught me to be at peace with the natural world around me and that by being a guardian of nature I could find true contentment in life. As I learned and grew in my powers that little wolf pup who had saved me became my best friend. Now Kano and I are inseparable. A few years later my master died, but what he taught me will carry me through the rest of my life. That nature is the only source of truth and peace in this world, and by becoming its guardian I too can be at peace. I have sworn off money and possessions, all that I need is found in the wild. I am the guardian of the mountain.

Alignment: NG
Race: Gnome
Place of Origin: Nature
Gim is a member of the The Shield Of Citadel
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Contributor: James Farr