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a small fishing village in central Lochlainn
Galiad was a small hamlet of a few hundred people located in central Lochlainn. It's residents earned their livelihood by fishing the local streams and hunting the woods.

Galiad, like much of Lochlainn, knew little about the ways of war untill the devastation of Caer Fid-Nemith in 2986. The town managed to retain some cohesion after the incident, becoming a waypoint for refugees on their way south to more fertile lands.

By chance rather than design, what little remained of the towns population was wiped out in early 2987 by denizens of the Chaos Threshold who had found their way into the material realms through the damaged dimensional fabric of the local area.

Inhabitants: human
Galiad is located in Lochlainn

Contributor: Shawn Nicolen