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Salvage Expert and Treasure Hunter
Greetings, my name is Rorrin and I hail from Citadel. My father is a veteran mercenary and a dwarf of small means. My father has always been concerned for our familys lack of standing and came up with a plan. He saved every coin he earned from the wars and battles, with this money he managed to gain entrance to the Rumnaheim Academy for my elder brother, Groehl

Dont get me wrong, I have no grievence with my fathers descision nor Groehls choice in careers. Just dont expect me to follow it. If my brothers future is in the favor of Throrn good luck to him. I will make my own path. Needless to say my family is less than happy about my decision. They all seem to think that I should take up the axe and stand in line like a good dwarf. Sorry the way of the soldier just wasnt in the cards for me.

Early on in life I realized that I was not as big as most other dwarves. This was made even more obvious when I would end up in a fight and soon after end up on my back with my head ringin. Unable to stand toe to toe with a bigger opponent I reckoned my skills lay elsewhere. Most would call a person with my talents a rogue. I realized that my shorter stature and slimmer build gave me an advantage. Rarely is another dwarf as quick as me. I decided to focus on these talents. Finding a dwarf who trains as a rogue is next to impossible. Lucky for me its not so hard to find a gnome who is one.

I met Limbae in the Drunken Mug, a rundown tavern near my home. Noticing the assortment of gear and tools in here pack on the floor I decided to take a chance. I bought her a drink and found she was all to eager to share stories of her tales. She told me of places far from Citadel and of adventures she had taken. She had decided to try here hand at exporing the lower regions of the mountains and see what she could find. I told her of my decision and she thought it was a "fabulously splendid" idea. She agreed to share a bit of here knowledge with me while she was in Citadel. For several months Limbae tought me the tricks of the trade. From lock picking and disabling deadly traps to remaining unseen and moving with a sound (the last one was the hardest to learn). The fact that Limbae would be exploring the mountain and different times made my lessons sporatic. I worked for Horrac in the mean time. Horrac was a master stone Mason and Limbae suggested it, being an understanding of stone structures would be a big help at times. She even made me learn goblinoid, annoying language but she said if I encounter goblins or the like talking them down may work better than drawing weapons.

My lessons with Limbae came to an end just shy to a year after meeting her. She had began to miss the hills and rivers of the surface, and wanted to see Cobblepot again. She left soon after, Im sure Ill run into her again somewhere. After Limbae left I decided it was time to put my skills into practice.

I am Rorrin, Salvage Expert and Treasure Hunter. Ill face any risk as long as the price is right.

The dark is my home, the shadows my friends, and the silence my weapon.

Alignment: CG
Race: Dwarf
Place of Origin: Citadel
Rorrin is a member of the The Shield Of Citadel
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Contributor: Mark Hughes