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Inner Sea
A large central sea bordered by many different lands.

The inner sea connects the lands of western Geas and in recent years has become a busy and much traveled waterway. To the north of the Inner Sea lies the elven lands of Tel-Tenauril, the south is dominated by the gnomes of Boddendell and the Dwarves of Citadel, and the west borders the human realm of Sellador. The Valley Of Ertrugol claims a small portion of the south western shores as well as the deadly desert of Kharse. To the east lies open sea all the way to the ruins of Telos, once the entrance to a major trade route between the Atman Empire and Aljahdahn; ships travelling east would often stop at Telos on their way to Khayat, Omara, and ultimately El-Alahd.

Several islands mark the course of the Inner Sea. Some are uninhabited and wild, but at least a few are home to pirates and thieves. There is rumored to be an island of the inner sea that is a haven for pirates; its location is a secret traded only amongst the bucaneers who have proven themselves trustworthy... or rich enough to pay for the information.

Regions located within Inner Sea include Baratoria
Inner Sea is located in Geas

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen