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Dwarven dragon shaman
Well met friends, i am Lochlan. I have never wanted anything from life except to live as a simple metalsmith in my home of Ahmon-Dur. Given this, you may ask how I now find myself in Argusund, trained in the ways of the Dragon Shaman, and seeking work as a mercenary. Let me start the story where all my troubles began.
My parents were only able to have two children, myself and my twin brother, Brunis. My father is a very skilled metalworker, whos only dream was for his sons to follow in his footsteps. I was more than willing to accommodate this, and began early on learning the trade. My brother, on the other hand, was not content to live the simple life of a metalsmith, and left home on a foolish quest for glory and riches.
Brunis sent us letters telling us of his adventures. As much as we enjoyed his stories, and appreciated the money he was able to send us, we all hoped he would return home and settle down. Then something happened. The letters stopped coming for no reason. At first we thought Brunis was just on some long adventure, but after a few months my father began to worry. Thats when he asked me to travel to Argusund (this is where Brunis was the last time we had heard from him) and try to discover something about Brunis.
That was over a year ago. My journey was going well, until the night i stayed at an in named The Drunken Goblin. After a couple of drinks I went out to take a walk and think things over. I have discovered nothing of Brunis yet, and wasnt sure where to go next. Perhaps without so much on my mind i would have seen the three rogues before they jumped me.
The next thing I remember was waking up in a small hut with a human id never seen before. He introduced himself as Malthas, and informed me that he had found me along the road unconscious and had brought me back to his home to recover. I then discovered that all the money I had brought with me was gone. As our conversation went on I told Malthas why I had left my home. Malthas sat back and thought for a minute, then made me an offer that I simply couldnt refuse.
Malthas informed me that he was master in the ways of the Dragon Shaman. I have always been intrigued by dragons, and was very interested to hear what he had to say. Malthas then offered to train me as a dragon shaman, so long as i remained to serve him for one year. Over the next year, I spent much time training with weapons, and learning about dragons and their ways. The work wsa hard, and the lessons even harder, but in the end ive have become far stronger than I was when I left home. When it came time to choose the dragon i would shape myself after, I could think of nothing more majestic than the silver dragons of my home. Therefore I said my prayers to Shaelan, the ancient silver dragon god who helped form Geas, and was granted my Draconic aura, and given the promise of more powers as I gained experience as a dragon shaman.
I have not forgotten about my brother or my promise to my father to find him, however travel isnt free and I find myself in need of money. I have decided to use my new skills as a mercenary. I can only pray that my travels will bring me to some information about Brunis.

Alignment: NG
Race: Dwarf
Place of Origin: Citadel
Lochlan is a member of the The Shield Of Citadel
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Contributor: Joseph Arnett