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Elder dragon of silver and dreams of greater things
She is the quicksilver lightning flash of sudden inspiration that takes you to new heights, the realization of a new path to greatness. She is the sudden light of clarity amidst confusion, a prompting to action, and is said to smell of the humid air before a storm.

Shaelan is the one of the Elder Dragons of Geas, a inspiring mithral silver being of great power. She is the champion of the meek and those for whom the odds seem stacked against. She concerns herself with the protection of the innocent and tends to their wounds if harm should find them. Yet, do not confuse harm with danger. Only through the courageous, and sometimes perilous, pursuit of betterment can a being truly attain greater things.

Dreams of a better life are said to be the whispers of Shaelan, prompting the dreamer on to seek greater things and improve themselves. She has the not the air of a mother but rather a concerned friend and ally... one willing to fight by your side and aid you, should the need arise.

Occasionally Shaelan is depicted as the consort of Korganidraxis, though in such cases always as an equal. Amongst the Kobold she is known as Shenla.

Shaelan's favored weapon is the Kama.

Alignment: NG
Shaelan is the god of Inspiration, Betterment Of Self
Clerical Domains: Protection, Healing, Storm, Dream, Courage
Shaelan is a member of the Elder Dragons

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen