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Frosty Mug
Gnomish tavern that caters to travellers and eccentric entertainment

The Frosty Mug is a fairly well known tavern amongst the peoples of Boddendell; a place for travellers that specializes in eccentric entertainers and excellent drink. The tavern is so named for its signature drink, a mug of the houses spiced cider served in a special magically exchanted mug. Each of these mugs bears a minor magic that chills whatever beverage is placed inside, as can be seen by the chill fog that rises from them when filled. The tavern itself draws the curious from all over the gnomish lands, and sometimes beyond; those seeking the enticing experience of drinking a cold beverage in the summer and watching whatever strange and wonderous entertainers the owner has managed to hire.

The noted elven bard Elegond has been known to play here, as well the Grateful Undead, a group of performers whose discordant musical stylings are accompanied by theatrics and makeup that support their stage persona as undead musicians.

Frosty Mug is located in Barga

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen