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Dwarven deity of commerce and fair trade
Haldros "one hand" is the deity of a fair and honest deal, preferably one in which both sides profit from the exchange. His name is often invoked at the end of a contract or a deal, often cemented by firmly grasping eachothers forearm. Any deal thus made in the shadow of Haldros is said to be blessed by him, and even those of ill intent are loathe to break such a contract.

To those who follow Haldros each new trade or deal struck is an opportunity to show the honor and fairness of the dwarven people. In this regard, even a deal in which one side loses material goods over another is said to be profitable as long as trust and good feelings are fostered.

Haldros himself is said to have lost his hand as a part of a deal he struck with Mordrinar, dwarven lord of greed and lies.

Haldros is likely an aspect of a greater force of trade, a role shared by the human worshiped deity Basaric.

Alignment: LG
Races who worship Haldros are Dwarf, gnome
Haldros is worshipped in Citadel, Boddendell
Haldros is the god of Trade, Contracts, Fair Exchange, Equity
Clerical Domains: Trade, Law, Fate, Travel
Haldros is a member of the Dwarven Pantheon

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen