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Small farming community in west central boddendell

Westdel is a quiet place of farmland and vast, rolling hills. This stillness is somewhat deceiving, however, as the people of Westdel have worked hard to maintain the peace they now enjoy. Occasionally raids of goblinoids that may... or may not be... affiliated with the Valley Of Ertrugol (depending on the current diplomatic situation) find their way into westbury. The people here are strong quick to rally, however, and have always managed to hold out untill reinforcements arrive.

Because of the raids dwarves of the church of Thurn often hide in the hills, waiting to test themselves against the forces of Ertrugol. Their patience is notoriously thin, however, and they just as often strike first. It is rare... but not unhead of... for these savage zealots to attack the local gnomish farmers.

Gnorman Hastburry, a local leader, has taken it upon himself to lead a coalition of farmers against the local threats by means of trade with the dwarves of the Forgewright trading company. By trading food for arms and worked goods, Gnorman hopes to make his people ready to defend against any potential threat.

North of Westdel lies Brochbarrow Hill, a sacred burrial ground for the gnomish people in distant times.

Inhabitants: Gnome
Westdel is located in Boddendell

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen