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Scholar, adventurer, thief, magician... goblin
Grizzlegast "the great" is a wry goblin and well learned scholar. Once the master scribe for Etrugol XIV, king of the valley of the Eye, grizzlegast found himself imprisoned due to an argument with his majesty over the nature of truth and the revision of certian historical documents.

Soon after finding himself in prison, he bent his considerable mental abilities towards gaining his freedom. Elisting the aid of other prisoners, Grizzlegast managed to escape, steal a pair of prized feldrakes from Ertrugol, and find his way into Boddeldel.

Grizzlegast found himself betrayed, however, as the goblin thieves stole away in the night, leaving him to find his way in the wilderness.

Race: Goblin
Associated Regions: Boddendel
Grizzlegast is a member of the The Shield Of Citadel

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen