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The heartlands of Sellador

The Midland of Sellador is the area north of the Border Mountains, being north east of Gideon and north west of the Free Nations. Sometimes called the heartlands by those that dwell there, the Midland is noted as the most populous part of the Selladorian peninsula.

The Midland is marked mostly by forests and long, rolling grasslands. An occasional river or lake is Common, and the climate is such that each of the four seaons has its own distinctive character.

To Selladorians the distinction between Midland, Gideon, and the Free Nations is quite clear, though this distinction is lost on most people not from one of these three regions.

To some the Midland essentially is Sellador proper, noting the clerist wars that effectively created a conceptual divide between Sellador and Gideon and the fact that most of the people scattered throughout the Free Nations have not, historically, considered themselves directly connected to the rest of Selladorian society.

In comparison with Gideon and the Free Nations the culture of the Midland is more conservative and lawful, having little tolerance for religions other than the Orthodox Aesiatic. This was particularly visible during the inquisitions in the years following the destruction of Lloleyn in which the druidic orders of the Midlands were effectively wiped out by zealous clerics. Though these druidic orders also venerated Aesia, their methodology was often different enough to create a rift between them and the church proper. These feelings of intolerance and xenophobia generally increase as you travel north reaching an apex in the cities along the north-eastern shore of Sellador. It is because of this that, despite a geographic location along the Inner Sea favorable to trade and travel with the nations of other races, Sellador still remains relatively isolated.

Alignment: LG
Inhabitants: Human
Regions located within Midland include Beechwood, Border Mountains, Braes, Caer Duhl-Darah, Calathor, Dynestra Wood, Faunwaite, Garrison, Grimaud, Lloleyn, Nuary Port, Tarminster, The Temple Of Saint Bertram, Woods Of Saurath, Wycombe
Midland is located in Sellador

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen