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Thorn Hill
Wayward villiage of wineries
Thorn hill is a small village along one of the roads from Cobblepot to the north coast of the Inner Sea. The city itself is a small hamlet on the top of a large and low hill surrounded by both wild and cultivated patches of thorny briar. Its single and only real road runs through the middle of town, in one side and straight out the other.

Once a year the city is home to the Briarberry festival, a celebration of the local crop, a small and bitter purple berry that grows on the acres of brambles and thorns around the town. The festival attracts people from all parts of Boddendel and sometimes beyond. All rooms are quickly rented out and a small city of tends and wagons grows about Thorn Hill, enough so that the population of the town more then tripples. During this time wine, juices, and pies are sold, faire games are played, and merriment is had by all.

Farmer Grimsby, a citizen of Westdel, is known to attend the briarberry festival and has been the champion of the berry-bob for many years.

The briarberries themselves are very hard to pick without special training due to the extraordiarily sharp thorns of their parent plant, the briarberry bramble. A local druid and town protector known as Thorne teaches each new generation the techniques needed to harvent the berries, making it an export unique to Thorn Hill.

Inhabitants: Gnome
Thorn Hill is located in Boddendell

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen