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Mysterious and colorful human ethnic group of the Free Nations
The Amari (pronounced Ah-Marr-E) are a colorful and mysterious group of humans living in the Free Nations of Sellador. Primarily found in the area around Lessten, the outer reaches of the Borderwode, and the small Gideon village of Osellot, they are yet prone to wander even as far as Gideon and the Midland.

The Amari have long been shunned by most of Selladorian society, being very different from their neighbors in cultural practice, religion, and mode of dress. Because of these differences many tales, myths, and legends have arisen around them, most of which paint them in a very negative light. Selladorian folklore makes references to the Amari as consorting with dark powers and faerie folk, as kidnappers, thieves, and bringers of bad luck. One such tale depicts the Amari as the former, and still loyal, servants of the oppressive Lessten family, or even members of the family themselves, working to restore their rule through the spread of vice and thievery. This tale, though wholly false, is one of the more popular amongst the people of that region.

In truth the Amari, though a secluded and insular folk, are no more good or evil than humans in other lands. They are one of the few groups of people within Sellador to openly worship deities other than Aesia such as Eloéle and Basaric. This practice does not exclude Aesia, however, meaning that she is often included amongst the Amari pantheon if not worshipped singularly as in the rest of Sellador. Some Amari, having been blamed for thievery and sorcery over the years, will fall into these roles, given that society seems to have found a place for them there. Still, most of the superstitions attributed to them are due to their differences with the xenophobic Selladorians; differences that can be traced back to their origins.

The original people from whom the Amari descend were the survivors of Omara, a trading city of ancient Aljahdahn that was destroyed by a Rakshasa warlord sometime around 1600 AA. As the fall of the city lay imminent the people of fled to distant lands by means of magic.

The Omarans brought their culture and deities with them and have carried them in all the long years to this very day, though to many their true origins are lost in time, only surfacing in secret tales of the lore of their people.

Amari tend towards bright colors of dress and are often bards, having a culture steeped in music, festival, and a strong oral story telling tradition. Although the demeanor of the Amari can appear very open and courteous they are in truth insular and withdrawn, the result of years of mistrust and slander from the Selladorians.

The term Amari is the by which they know themselves, though this is sometimes shortened to "Amar" or simply "Am". To most the Amari are known as Gypsies or “Lessten Wanderers”, terms which the Amari themselves find derogatory.

The Amari operate in Lessten, Omara

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen