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Dark Tidings
Coincidences or a sequence of events
Dark tidings. Dark forces are moving in the lands. Our meeting with the head of the SUA and the head of the Alchemy Academy we have learned of strange dissapperances and rumors. There is something or someone with an interest in practitioners of arcane knowledge. So far all we know so far is this unseen threat has a link to bodies of waters. Asked for our help in investigating these occurances. So now we are heading to Thornhill to meet up with an agent of the elf queen. I have my suspicions on who it might be.

All these event, the kidnapping of Esmerelda, the servant of Thurn and their orb of the undead, the gnome ghost and the spiders, this Moreacca and his search for the vault of the Lich King, Bruness' mysterious dreams of riches and treasure, the rogue members of the SUA and their strange tunnelers. Now we learn of these disapperances, I can't help but think there is some connection between all these things. Bruness' dreams trouble me greatly, what are their source. I don't think Bruness is an enemy, but that someone may be using him and through him us. Granted we accomplished something for good because of those dreams but I dont like being manipulated.

I have yet to openly discuss these things with my brother or any of my companions. I hope if and when I do, Lochlan is not insulted by my suspicions of Bruness and his dreams. But for now we shall see what Thornhill holds for us and what this agent can tell us.

From the journal of Rorrin

Contributor: Mark Hughes