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Protector of Thorn Hill and master of the brambles
Throughout generations of Gnomes there has always been a druid at Thorn Hill, as indeed that is how the town got its name, being known in early times as "Thorne's Hill", it has since been shortened.

The druid Thorne is protector of Thorn Hill and master of its brambles and vines. The area of Thorn Hill has long been a place of power for druids, even before the formation of the town.

Thorne teaches the people of the town to live in harmony with their surroundings and to value the natural world. He teaches the people of the town the secret of harvesting the Briarberry, ensuring the town has a unique export and, therefore, ensuring their relative prosperity.

The current druid known as Thorne has been named such for nearly three hundred years, having been chosen to carry on the name and legacy by his predecessor. He is mentor to the townsfolk, often tending the sick and overseeing the births and deaths of the townsfolk. Thorne is a wise and quiet individual who is straight to the point in his dealing with strangers not of the town that have not proven themselves as friends. Yet, despite this, to those whom he knows as true he reveals a friendly and loyal nature. Though not amongst the strongest of druids, Thorne is nevertheless a being to be accorded respect; the very thorns and vines of the bramble will rise to defend him should the need arise.

Thorne uses the rune "" as his personal identifier, and the trees at the borders of his protected domain are often marked with it.

Race: Gnome
Associated Regions: Thorn Hill

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen