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Festival At Thorn Hill
Note to self: never stick my head in a bucket full of berries.
Out done by a scrap of a gnome girl! I would have never believed it couold happen. Once we reached Thorn Hill we found a festival celebrating the berries of the area. Thorn Hill harvests and exports these berries all over for use in foods, wines, and other items. It looked like we may be having a bit of fun while here.

Before we searched for this elf, we wandered among the stalls and games. I managed to purchase some knives and make the alterations I had in mind, they may come in use later. The others wandered about as well. The big events were four challenges that would award the winners prizes and after seeing there was a balancing challenge I could pass it up. The others joined in as well as the skills fit them. Jas joined me in the balance challenge, my brother and Lochlan entered into the pie eating contest, Eoin signed up for the berry bobbing challenge, and we all planned on entering the maze challenge though Gim was by far the most excited for it.

Later in the afternoon while Groehl and I were nearing the tavern we spotted the elf we were seeking. Just as I expected it was Elegond, the bard from the Frosty Mug in Barga. This ought to be an interesting night. We avoided the bard for now knowing he would seek us out when he was ready. The evening passed while we ate and drank with the happy little gnomes. That night was when the elf came to visit.

Our conversation with the elf wasn't very enlightening in my opinion, alot of the same information and rumors, and confirmation we should head to Raven's Lake. All in all the elf wasn't a bad sort, though an elf can never match the signing of dwarves he was quite skilled and did a masterful job with the dwarf songs he knew. Later I fell asleep trying to ignore the muted conversation between Grizzlegast and the elf. The kept talking about all the places and things they had seen, and personnally I just wanted some sleep.

The next day was the day of the challenges. To write of them all would take too long so Ill sum them up so I can recall them later. Jas and I faced a humiliating defeat when we lost to a gnomish farmer's daughter. Imagine to dwarves such as us being beaten by a little twig of a gnome. The others didnt fare to well either. Eoin lost to none other than Grimsby, that crotchety old gnome from Westdel. Eoin's head and face were died purple for his trouble and hasnt yet noticed it. Its too funny to tell him just yet. Groehl and Lochlan also faced defeat from a scrap of a gnome this time a little boy and reigning champion. Where did he put all that pie he ate? It has to go somewhere.

The maze was the most interesting part of the day being its the part that involved us battling a bunch of monster dogs from another plane of existence. Don't we have enough trouble without importing the uglies of another plane. The maze event started out just fine, we had to search for 6 treasures hidden in the maze within a time limit. There were dozens of people running through the living labrynth. Gim was having an easy time using his druid abilities to slip through the very walls themselves. Groehl too a more direct approach and just shoved his way through, healing his cuts and gashes afterwards. The others and I took to keeping to the trail since we can't dance through the walls or heal ourselves.

After a while Gim was confronted by the druid Thorne and asked to refrain from using his abilities since he gave him an unfair advantage. Gim agreed and he moved on. Groehl was also later confronted by Thorne for the same reason. It was during this that we all heard the first screams. Coming from the southeast of the maze I ran as fast as I could to get there, arriving about the same time as Groehl. The farm girl from the balance contest was cowering on the ground with three ugly two-footed big-mouthed...dog things. The other approached from other sides, the creatures moving to face a new threat moved away from the girl. I moved between the girl and where they went while Groehl got her out of there.

Apparently the little uglies were more intent on Kano and Lochlan. They wouldnt have been so difficult to beat if they just stayed still, but they had some knack for vanishing. Whenever we went to attack the would pop out of site and then pop up in front of someone else. It took a while to beat em but we did it. Later we found out there had been more in the north end but Thorne had used the maze as a living weapon to deal with them.

The gnomes of the town thanked us greatly, giving us the prize of the maze as well and their grattitude. It was from Thorne that we learned these creatures were from another plane and should not have been able to enter our world. Something is changing and things are accelerating, now we are facing creatures not even of our plane of existence. Our journey to Raven's Lake cannot wait any longer.

We ready our selves the next day for a our journet, purchasing the necessary mules and horses. Our wagon would not be able to pass through the marshlands that lay ahead of us, though I dont voice it to the others I will miss it. Grizzlegast was a little more vocal in his unhappiness at the loss, guess the poor Grizzlegast the Great will have to face the elements like the rest of us. One last thing before we leave, Groehl and I intend to try and purchase the prize from the farmers daughter. Such a device may be very useful to me and thus the rest of the group.

Associated Regions: Thorn Hill, Barga, Westdel
From the journal of Rorrin

Contributor: Mark Hughes