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Ravens Lake
Tiny hamlet in the middle of a remote marsh, unwlecoming, strange, and distant.
Raven's Lake is the name given to a small collection of shantys and buildings, barely a hamlet, built upon a rare spot of high ground in the midst of a vast marsh and bayou. So small is it that it rarely appears on any map, and it is named only because of its proximity to the lake from which it gets its name.

The people of Raven's Lake are insular and withdrawn, distrusting outsiders and content mostly to fish and be left alone. Those few travellers who have been there note a sense of "wrongness" about the place, as if some terrible secret or great, rotting malevolence waits beneath the mud and mire of the marshes.

Inhabitants: Gnome
Ravens Lake is located in Brackenbog

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen